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Bahador Irani Sent You A Message On Facebook
June 23, 2009, 6:10 pm
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As blood spills in the streets of Iran I watch from the safe distance of television and internet, sorry for the lost lives and fearful for colleagues covering the story. Today I got another note from a student in Iran who I met through Facebook. I can’t do much to help this courageous young man– his name literally means “brave Iranian”– except what he asks me to do: relay the message. So I’m sharing this valuable first person witness to the repression:

Bahador sent you a message.

“Dear doug Please let the world know what is goin on in iran. please let the world know about iranian youth cries in lack of justice in our elections.”

Subject: doroud (hi).

“dear doug thanks alot for your kind reply on my previous post and please accept my appology because of the long delay in getting it back with you. as you may know every communication mean is blocked by our government in iran, speacially internet and depndent stuffs to it. our cellphones, sattilites, internet access and everything is blocked and filtered.
yeah 4 days ago before our supreme leader speech we were asking for a new election and that is 80% of the voters oppinion but when he showd us his real face the protesters demands were taken to another level and after killing more of our citizens by his command, oppinions got changed and people can not stand his leadership anymore. they are setting up  our 2 candidates, mir hossein moosavi and mehdi karoobi a crime to arrest them and kill all other protesters. they use snipers, tear gases , batons and everything possible to use the highest level of violence against the protesters. they have killed at least at least and at least 50 persoan by far. unfortunatly president obama is not takeing a more seriuos dicision againts iran and we iranians are suffering from his being this cold blood against this much bloodshed. we belive that political sanctions from america is needed. thanks again for your kind support and hope you keep supporting us to a better end. for humen being, humen dignity, humen rights and a peacful life. at least this tragic story allowed us to prove to the world that iranian peopl are not happy with their government and the whole islamic republic of iran, but we were all dominated under this shameful system and what i garantee is that my citizens are not looking for atomic bomb we are are all friends with american people and european people and we are looking for the real peace. please let our american brothers and sisters know, that iranian people were dominated and they can not take this anymore. my sister was born in america in oklahoma and she is an american/iranian citizen. and please if its that reachable for you guys use the NGO powers to help us. a heartfelt thanks goes to all of you from my people and we are looking for your help indeed. wish you all the best of lcuks and a peacful life for all of us. good luck.

Truely yours.


Please pass it on.


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